Guaranteed Acceptance Payday Loans

When finances are tight, the last thing a person wants to worry about is a loan application refusal. Emergencies come about quickly and they usually need a fast solution. A problem that many borrowers have is a less than desirable credit score. This causes a great deal of caution from traditional lenders. Many traditional lenders will decline a person who does not have a perfect history. Guaranteed acceptance payday loans are a Godsend to people with fair and bad credit who need help. Denial is not an option with this type of loan.

“What are Guaranteed Acceptance Payday Loans?”
Guaranteed acceptance payday loans are a quick cash product for consumers with emergencies. They are short-term loans meant to last the borrower until his or her next paycheck. Lenders have named these loans guaranteed acceptance because the approval rate is high. These lenders bypass credit history and rely solely on the applicant’s ability to make payment. Therefore, guaranteed payday lenders will approve a person that traditional lenders normally decline for credit score. As long as the individual has a decent income and a legitimate source of income, the lender guarantees approval.

<b>How to Receive Guaranteed Acceptance Payday Loans</b>
The applicant can complete an application several ways: online, in person or by telephone. Consumers can apply very quickly online by providing personal information such as address, telephone number and requested loan amount. He or she will also have to supply the lender with information on his or her current job position. The lender will also need to know that person’s bank account information.

The application process generally takes one hour. If the lender approves the application, it will disburse loan proceeds into the borrower’s account. The lender will expect the borrower to make payment within approximately 15 days.

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